Guess where I am going next?

Thailand (Bangkok), Thailand (Phi Phi), London, and Paris.

I'm super excited, check out some of the stuff I purchased for this trip! 

First thing first, as mentioned in my previous post. I map out all the places, prices, hotels, and activities before I travel. Thus, it was only fitting to buy blank journals.   From: Ross Price: 3.99-7.99

and ....

Between the roads in Santorini and the airport in the US, the wheels on my old luggage broke! So, I had to purchase new luggage! I also decided to purchase this cool Wanderlust bag. Additionally, I purchased a scale because my luggage has been considered overweight twice. I refuse to pay $100. Lastly, I purchased socks for my flight. Not just any-old socks, but socks to help with blood circulation in my legs. Hours of sitting down on flights can reduce circulation.

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