Tips on how to travel alone

I travel alone quit a bit. I used to want to travel with family and friends. However, everyone was either too busy or wanted to go places that I've already been. After being bored and tired of waiting on other people. I started traveling alone, domestically. After getting the hang of traveling alone in the states, I started traveling alone internationally.

Below are 7 tips on how to be safe while traveling solo.

1. Test run

  • Start off traveling alone domestically before traveling internationally.
  • This will give you a practice run in safer and familiar territories.

  • Print out all itineraries (both flight and hotel), MapQuest the distance between the airport and your hotel.
  • Print out all activities you are interested in doing in the location you'll be in. With the location address, phone number and office hours.
  • Look up bus routes and train routes near your hotel and the airport. 

3. Location is everything; Pick a safe place to travel.
  • Always look out for travel advisories via the US Embassy.
  • Also always read reviews from TripAdvisor.

4. Wifi and Airport Shuttles
  • Always choose a hotel with Wifi and if possible Airport Shuttle and free breakfast. 
  • Always choose a hotel near a train station or a bus (no more than 11 miles away).
  • I book with and always filter out hotels based upon Wifi and Airport Shuttles.

5. Protect your passport - ALWAYS (buy a fanny pack)
  • Other countries, even the safer countries have low violent crime rates but high petty theft rates aka pickpocketers. I've met so many people who have had their passport, phone and money stolen.
  • Look out for pickpocketeres who create a divergence to steal your belongings. A lot of them work in pairs. Be careful on who you're friendly with while traveling.
6. Buy buy buy!
  • Buy a portable charger 
  • Buy an international charger
  • Buy a wifi calling card (can be purchased at the airport)
  • Buy at least $200 worth of currency in the country you're visiting beforehand. 
  • Buy a fanny pack (as mentioned above)
7.  Keep in touch
  • Make a copy of your passport and give one to your closest relative. Make another copy and keep it in your luggage.
  • At least once per day message someone in your family letting them know where you are and what you have on. I use WhatsApp for messaging and calls when I am out of the country. It's free of charge!

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