Back home to Miami

I haven't visited the city that I was born and raised in, for almost 5 years. You see, visiting home is a bit bitter sweet. Miami makes remember all of my childhood fears that I hadn't faced. When I arrived to Miami International Airport, even before then I felt a bit of anxiety. Despite the reason for visiting and having the worst experience with American Airlines, the time that I spent with my family was priceless.

Birthday Vibes: 8•25•17

Hi all,
I really enjoyed my birthday this year. I usually do not celebrate my birthday as much, but this year I did. I'm learning to make the most out of each moment, and to live and enjoy those moments. I've had a hell-of-a-year, unnecessary stress but positive change.

This year, I went to Ibiza Spain for my birthday and bar hopped in Downtown San Jose.

London, United Kingdom

Je t'aime Paris!

Hot hot hot in Bali, Indonesia

Blogging from Bangkok, Thailand

I'm in Bangkok and it's amazingly beautiful. The weather is amazing, it is 95 degrees F, the people are amazing, everyone's so friendly.

As promised, here are my pictures from Bangkok (most are unedited). I'll write my hotel review, location review, and activity review below on March 15th.

Sunday, Fun day - SF

2017 Vision Board


Guess where I am going next?

Thailand (Bangkok), Thailand (Phi Phi), London, and Paris.

I'm super excited, check out some of the stuff I purchased for this trip! 

First thing first, as mentioned in my previous post. I map out all the places, prices, hotels, and activities before I travel. Thus, it was only fitting to buy blank journals.   From: Ross Price: 3.99-7.99

and ....


Ἀσπάζομαι! (Aspádzomai) to Greece!

ALOHA from Hawaii


Tips on how to travel alone

I travel alone quit a bit. I used to want to travel with family and friends. However, everyone was either too busy or wanted to go places that I've already been. After being bored and tired of waiting on other people. I started traveling alone, domestically. After getting the hang of traveling alone in the states, I started traveling alone internationally.

Below are 7 tips on how to be safe while traveling solo.

Back in the A



New Year Eve

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