Mesh + Floral

Omg, I love these beautiful mesh cover up pants. I am super excited to rock this in Honolulu!
My Galaxy S6 has totally changed the color of my top (true color below)

Little Blk Dress - OOTD

My last day in Buda!

Spicy curry chicken and rice... omg freaking amazing!

In the streets of Budapest!

Budapest, Hungary located in Europe... home of the coolest citizens ever!

When in Rome...

 Rome! I really enjoyed going to the Vatican Museum and Vatican city. I learned more historical information regarding Rome and The Vatican. Besides, the scorching heat and occasional  harassment from street vendors (selling their products)...Rome was perfect!

The City of Love...

Wow! Venice, Italy is beautiful, I now understand why it's called the City of Love! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Caribbean food in SoCal - I found a diamond in the rough!

I found a diamond in the rough. I have lived in California for about 9 months now. Southern California is known for it's Mexican food. Where I lived previously, I was accustomed to having a variety of traditional foods to choose from. I've been craving Caribbean food for months now and I finally decided to Yelp near by restaurants and I found this diamond!

My favorite restaurant! Boss Nova

Sleepless in Seattle - I'm back!

Years later...

I've wanted a pair of Birkenstock since I was in 9th grade. Every-time I saved enough money to get them, I'd spend my savings on another pair of shoes. But finally!

The pier...

Long Island Ice Tea

Interior Design - Dreamland! #July2016

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